Dark Nova App Reviews

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Ripped off

I’m sure I would like this game, IF I COULD PLAY IT! This version is so old that it’s incompatible with iOS now, yet it was still available for purchase. I bought it and couldn’t play it. Ripoff. Update your app and I’m sure I’ll give you a better rating.

Avoid this game

It takes a lot for me to write a 1 star and I'm often skeptical of 1 star reviews. I bought this game, downloaded it, tried to use it for 5 minutes, had to force close and reopen over a dozen times, and uninstalled it. Really annoyed there isn't a refund policy as this game isn't working.

Doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

I'm sure this game would be great because I loved the original Space Trader. Unfortunately, the game freezes constantly. Without some serious repairs, it's a total waste of money. Since this game hasn't been updated since 2011.....

Doesn't run on the 5s

I can't get past the start screen - if starting this 'addictive' game is this buggy, the rest can't be worth the effort. NO app support. I need a refund!

Regrettably buggy

I loved this game on the Palm, and was happy to show the developer some (more) love. But sadly, this iOS implementation is not very good. There are bugs that prevent you from choosing how any things to sell; frequent crashes; and the UI is pretty crude. I'm afraid that "Hyper WARP", while a total knock-off, is actually much better done.

Broken under IOS 8

It doesn't advance past the first screen where you pick your character's skills. Not much use until it's patched.

It doesn't work at all

I want a refund. Pondered for an hour on what game I wanted to purchase and decided to get DARK NOVA and it freezes up immediately. Won't let me do anything. I want a refund!

Used to love this game...

I used to absolutely love this game when I had an iPhone 4s but now on my iPhone 6, after I start a new game, after a few taps the game completely freezes and completely exiting and restarting the game doesn't fix it, as soon as I load the game It loads a frozen game

Needs update bad

This game was great on old phones but it is not eve playable on the newest phones. Please update!

Do NOT buy

Great classic game, but if your running latest version of iOS, every screen causes crashes and freeze. Not support from publisher, don't bother wasting your money

Super buggy

Can't even get a single bottom to activate

Not working

Has bugs, can't even get game to play.


On an iPhone 5s with iOS8. Keeps freezing after 3 minutes. Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and still no luck.

Doesn't work in ios8

Used to work fairly well before ios8. Now it locks up and crashes my iPhone 5s every time I load or try to start a new game. I miss you Dark Nova!

Completely broken in iOS 8

Unplayably buggy in iOS 8. Too bad, it was the best iPhone version of the old Space Trader classic Palm game.

Has potential but buggy

This game has some positive qualities, including the chance to pretend to be a spaceship captain, and some attractive (if two-dimensional) art. Some glitches detract from the experience, however. The slider bars for trading and banking don't work, making moving money around awkward. There were also frequent crashes to desktop. I'm guessing these issues won't be fixed any time soon, because when I went to the App Store and clicked on the publisher's link, it timed out. I'd advise waiting on purchasing this one until someone buys out Dead Jim Studios and resolves the game's problems.

Great game again and again

Honestly loved playing this game over and over. Just needs some updates to get back on top. Perhaps some new ships or a new story line that goes into the 4th dimension a bit. Watch futurama for ideas, there is so much this game could do.

Love this game but

I've had this game for forever and I absolutely love it... But the option to choose how much cargo doesn't work on my new phone... Also it does get a little boring after you get the bigger ships. I wish you would add some new quests or something. Please update! It's a great game, just needs a little work

Wanted to love it

I wanted to love this game as I was a fan of the palm version. However, this game is unfinished. It's buggy, things don't work, and it's missing important pieces (the ability to search for a planet). Save your money until the devs fix this horrible, horrible, horrible copy.


I bought this game thinking it would bring back nostalgia from the palm pilot days. Instead I got a worthless broken game. You can't even set the quantity of how much cargo you want to buy in iOS 7.

Not updated

Loved it, but it hasn't been updated for iOS 7.

Incremental Trading

I have enjoyed this game a lot but since IOS upgrade I can't trade or salvage in increments. This is a serious flaw in a trading game. It's still playable and combat seems unaffected. Also crashes if your status is criminal and you try to check status. Please fix then it's a 5 star. Iphone3gs, 4g & 5, ipad2 & 3.

It's a good game, but...

The sliders are broken in iOS 7 so it needs to be updated. It is unplayable until then.

Just like Space Trader for PalmOS

This is a fantastic port of the one PalmOS game that cost me SO much in new batteries. Space Trader fans will not be disappointed!

no support

I was a passionate fan of the old palm space trader game. And thought that THIS would be it's replacement. And hoped to see the DVs' build a better game from there. Nope. While DV's DID improve some images… and got the game basically working all right…. they've apparently abandoned the game. No updates since 2011. Lots of glitches.. too bad. Step up and CLEANUP man!

Not like any game you've played before

Only takes about 21 MB, it doesn't run your battery down that fast, it's fun and addicting and worth the money


Great game, just like the palm version. however, it's buggy: low memory exceptions is pretty frequent, if I downgrade to a smaller ship, my cash goes to zero, I've killed so many pirates yet my kill count is still zero. Other than that, it's still addictive

best Palm game, now on iPhone

It's Space Trader alright, and if you played the original you probably couldn't ask for more. Terrific little time-killer. Great port with a fair bit of improvement and some new bits of gameplay. Wish it was $1-2 instead of $4, but what can you do.

Good times, but over priced

A fun game for sure but definitely over priced in comparison to other games.

Great, but could use work

After getting a Vix Dreadnought the game becomes SUPER BORING. You need to add another ship, and a new weapon or two.(My Vix has 3 Justive Mark IV and a Quantum Shield and a reflector shield and a auto repair, more cargo bays, and a targeting system on board! My police record was ALWAYS DUBIOUS OR CLEANER


I love this game! Recommend this!

Very addicting!

This game is an updated version of the old Palm OS game "Space Trader". I loved Space Trader and I have been looking for something similar for the iPhone. I had no idea the made it for iPhone. I love it

Pricey for what it is.

It's a pretty decent game. I bought it thinking it was going to be similar to Galaxy on Fire (which it isn't). It's a fun little game, but not very fulfilling. I'm kind of wishing I hadn't bought it, though. For $3.99, it's totally not worth it. Maybe at $.99, but for now, save your money. Edit: It would be better if a driven storyline, or something. Maybe more easily available quests.

Love it


I play this a lot!

No joke. Many many hours...


Great game but can't save nor load games, started after update will keep one star until fixed

Great game

Sooooo fun but crashes when I load or save plez fix

Doesn't save or load games on iPad 2

Game instantly crashes on my iPad2 iOS 4.3.4 whenever I click save or load. It also got stuck once on the "make room" dialog. I got rid of cargo and it stayed on that screen. Probably a great game on systems where the load/save options actually work.

Love it...

Great game reminds me a bit of Elite. You need MORE (PLEASE?!) hints on where to get rid of fleas and tribbles...it was a real downer after a few hours and no cure. Started over and completed the game. Next time I will NOT buy from that lousy two-bit flea trading looser! :) Also restock trade supplies sooner as it just gets to thin in the end to find trade supplies unless you warp the entire galaxy (not as fun). I think a bigger campaign with more story and another galaxy after completing the first would be great! Overall a definite two thumbs WAY up, thanks and keep the updates coming!!!! :) April 3rd 2011: Giving homage to the Dark Nova god's...chanting...update please, update please, update please! More content please, more content please, more content please...pretty please, please...please!!! ;) October 13, 2011: Thank you for the economy fix and restocking commodities. I love this game and hope you continue to update it! It's truly a classic masterpiece! :)

Still need to fix the backgrounds.

I like the game, but I really wish the background images would be screened back so it is easier to READ the %$#@! text. Yes the graphics are fun, but they really detract from the game when played for long periods of time. Please make background images an option to screen or turn off for the next release. Thank you.


its very addicting game but plzzzzz update!!!

Great but.....

GET RID OF THE LOW MEMORY NOTICES!!!! They're driving me crazy!!!!!!

Nothing new, but maybe that's good

This game isn't original, it has it's flaws, and the auto save needs fine tuning, but this is still a great game. Like Facebook, it's nothing new, but also like Facebook, it does everything the other guys do better. 4 stars because of glitches

Dark nova

Game is broken. Innumerable bugs, endless glitches, frustrating to the extreme. If you overlook all of that, it's great.

Wow, $3.99???

Amazing! I got it when it was free. Pretty good time killer, where you have to think a little bit, but the refreshing of resources never happens (item depleted is getting on my nerves). And of course the price is just silly. I mean, COME ON! Quit being greedy! This game is worth .99 cents AT THE MOST! For the time being, until the price is fixed and the planets get some resupply, I will not recommend this game to anyone, and I will keep my review at 3 stars.

Not exactly the original

This would be so fun to play if the stupid planets would replenish the commodities. And it's awfully glitchy for a four buck game. But that constant "Item depleted" message just makes me want to toss my phone.

love the game

Lots of glitches, but still fun


This really takes me back to the old palm lll days! I used to do software support for an app that supported the palm device and all that time spent in the lab was really on space trader, and this is a really great version, it's so nice to have this back! A few tips, when you first start, max out your pilot skill, and sell your pulse laser to give you a few more credits to start. Set your game options to ignore encounters too. To travel, tap on the warp key, to get the short range chart. Then, tap on a planet, get the price diff, then tap on the arrow keys in the upper right to cycle through all the places you can reach. Trade for the biggest + value item you can buy the most of. I like the art, but the galactic map one is out of place, maybe use the starfield one. When you get the special ship mods, like the lightning shield, you should be able to transfer that to a new ship if you want to trade up. The planets would be cool if they had differing artwork. Maybe a desert graphic, an ocean graphic, etc. Really awesome game keep the updates coming!

So glad I found this

I enjoyed this game on the Palm platform, and I'm so glad I found it on the App Store. There are a few bugs in the transport phase with the ship status sometimes not graphically on encounters and an extra window pops up on arrival, but it works good overall.